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How to judge the quality of the bag by tearing the aluminum foil bag

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The aluminum foil bag with good quality has no odor, no impurities on the surface, no wrinkles, no bubbles, uniform color, opaque, clear print patterns, flat bags (except for bags made of nylon and high voltage membrane), and the trimming of the bags is neat.
Besides, it is more important to judge the firmness of the bag. The following are the methods of operation:
1.    Tear off the edge of the bag with your hand.
2.    Judge the difficult by tearing. The bag made of nylon and high pressure membrane is hard to tear. Generally, they can be packed with relatively heavy items such as stones and large particles. However, the bags made of OPP heat seal film are easy to tear apart, and only contain some light items.
3.    Judge the section structure. If the heat seal in the bag is ripped evenly in the middle, it shows that the heat seal of the bag is very poor, it is easy to break the bag during the production process, and if it is torn from the edge, the quality of the heat seal is better.
4.    Judge the compound firmness of the material. At the hole of the bag, the structure of the single side material is separated, such as the material is very easy to stratification, indicating that the composite is good.

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