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Vacuum packaging, deoxidizing packaging, and retort packaging

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Vacuum packaging, deoxidizing packaging, and retort packaging are three common food packagings. The applications, commonalities, and differences of the three packagings are as follows.

1. Applications

Vacuum packaging

The advantages of vacuum packaging are: easy to carry, not easy to break, and extend the shelf life of the contents. The air in the package is almost completely exhausted during use because:
•Reduce the volume of the packaged object. In this way, the package can be easily moved against the package, and the impact on the package can be effectively avoided;
•Extend the shelf life of the contents. The reproduction of common bacteria and anaerobic bacteria is suppressed by preventing oxidation of the contents.


Deoxidized packaging
Deoxygenation packaging does not require all the air in the package to be removed because:
•Place a deoxidizer in the package to deplete the oxygen in the package;
•Extend the shelf life of the contents. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria, the packaged material is protected from oxidative deterioration.


Retort packaging
The retort packaging is a plastic flexible package for high temperature cooking or boiled sterilization. A vacuum is required for packaging because:
• Meet the requirements of cooking or boiled sterilization;
• Prevent the bag from expanding due to heat and breaking the bag.


2. Similarities and differences

Commonalities: The common point of vacuum packaging, deoxidizing packaging, and cooking packaging is that they must be made of plastic film with good gas barrier properties.
•Vacuum packaging and deoxidizing packaging only need to use a film with good gas barrier properties and good oxygen barrier properties;
•The retort packaging requires high heat resistance (printing inks and composite adhesives, and also requires good high temperature resistance), and a film with good barrier properties and good water vapor permeability.


• Vacuum packaging does not require heating and cooking. However, the retort packaging must first be vacuumed;
•Oxygen may remain in the vacuum package, but the deoxidized package will eventually deplete the oxygen in the package.