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What is sous vide, here is the history of sous vide

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  • What is sous vide?

Sous vide (/suːˈviːd/), French is “suvíd” means "under vacuum", is a method of low-temperature cooking teconology.


  • The features of sous vide cooking

The food need to be frozen and chilled before putting in a vacuum plastic bag or a jar. 
The whole packaging will be cooked in water with low temperature (under 100°C/212°F) for more 30minutes-72 hours.


  • Fathers of sous vide

1960s, McGuckian (Mac), a retired Army colonel , has the ownership of the patent for AGS System (Nacka).
1970s, Bruno Goussault, a chief scientist, he considered cooking at low temperatures.
1974, Georges Pralus, a French chef and a pioneer of modern sous vide, he considered cooking at higher temperatures.


The picture from left to right are McGuckian (Mac), Bruno Goussault, Georges Pralus.