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How to heat and sterilize the retort vacuum pouch

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For Heating and Sterilizing retort and vacuum bag  effectively, it’s important to control the three processes of bagging, sealing and sterilization.
1.    Notice for filling
Control the amount of retort vacuum bag, at least left 3~4cm from the mouth of the bag; use the filling device suitable for the product characteristics; insert the winged protective film into the bag to prevent the bag  from being polluted when filling; open the whole bag fully when filling; fixed the position of the fixed packing bag.
2.    Notice for sealing
The hot melt sealing method is generally used when sealing the retort vacuum bag : the heating temperature is 180~220 C, the pressure is 30N/cm, the time is 1s, it is cooled under pressure, and the furrow of the steamed bag seal should be prevented when the hot melt seal  is sealed.
3.    Notice for heating and sterilizing
Because the mechanical strength and sealing strength of the retort vacuum bag material are relatively low, the sterilization equipment must be treated with anti pressure sterilization. At the stage of sterilization and heating up, the compressed air is started.

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