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Characteristics of various materials for food packaging

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The raw film materials used in vacuum food packaging are food grade, non-BPA, such as : PE, PA, OPA, AL, PET. These materials play different roles in vacuum food packaging.


· PE Film (Polyethylene Film) is used for heat sealing layer and has high impact strength;
· PA Film (Polyamide/Nylon) OPA (oriented polyamide): used to increase physical strength and improve puncture resistance;
· AL Film (Aluminum foil film) is used to increase barrier properties and shading;
· PET Film (Polyethylene terephthalate film) can increase mechanical strength and increase hardness.


Specific food packaging production process, according to the needs of the content to match the different properties of the material.


Table 1 Introduction to common film materials for compounding


PE Film

PA Film

OPA Film

AL Film

PET Film

PP Film

Full Name

Polyethylene Film

Polyamide/ Nylon Film

Oriented Polyamide Film

Aluminum foil film

Polyethylene terephthalate film​​​​​​​

Polypropylene Film​​​​​​​

Use for printing layers


used for barrier layers​​​​​​​



used in hot air layers​​​​​​​





Function list






Machine strength

Air tightness​​​​​​​


Moisture resistance



Heat sealability​​​​​​​




Heat resistance


​​​​​​​cold resistance​​​​​​​