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retort pouch leakage during sterilization

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1. Causes of leakage of the retort pouch
During the high temperature sterilization process, the pressure inside the bag rises due to the expansion of the gas remaining in the retort pouch and the volume of the contents becoming larger. When the pressure inside the bag is greater than the pressure capacity of the bag, and the pressure in the sterilizer is lower than the pressure in the bag, the bag will be swelled.
2. Take the correct measures to avoid leakage of the retort pouch during sterilization:
1) Pressure sterilization and pressure cooling
Pressurize about 90°C
Choose the appropriate sterilization medium, high pressure hot water (the most uniform temperature), high pressure steam and steam-air mixture.
2) Check the strength of the retort pouch
The retort pouch is inspected for: seal strength, peel strength, pressure strength, static pressure strength, puncture strength and drop strength.
3) Check the sealing of the retort pouch. Do not contaminate the sealing of the retort pouch when filling. The retort pouch should be flat and free of wrinkles after sealing.