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Retort pouches – tuna pouches

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The traditional packaging of tuna is canned, and now retort pouches (tuna pouch) are increasingly used in tuna products.

Many famous American brands have launched pouch tuna in the market, such as Starkist pouches, Bumble Bee pouches, Chicken of sea pouches, Wild Planet pouches...

More and more tuna pouch is lauched in the market. Because comparing to canned packaging, tuna pouch is more competitive:
· The tuna pouch (retort pouch) is highly barrier, by making sure of extended shelf life, it retains the flavor of the tuna;
· The tuna pouch (retort pouch) is lighter in weight;
· The tuna pouch (retort pouch) is lower in cost;
· The tuna pouch (retort pouch) is more convenient to use. May survey shows that the millennials are pay more attention to the convenience when they using the products, they think tuna in pouch is more convenient.

We are the professional tuna pouch manufacture. The sterilization of our retort pouch is up to 121°C.