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Heat seal problems of vacuum packaging bag

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The seal of the vacuum packaging bag will be affected by following variety of factors.

1. The type, thickness and material of the heat sealing material of the vacuum packaging bag directly affect the heat sealing strength.

In the actual production process, due to the influence of heat sealing pressure, bag making speed and the thickness of the composite substrate, the thermal seal temperature used is often higher than that of the heat sealing material.

2, the heat sealing strength is affected by the heat sealing pressure. For thin bags, heat sealing pressure to reach at least 2kg/ square meters, and with the increase of the total thickness of composite membrane increased

3, the heat sealing strength is affected by the heat sealing time. The heat sealing time is mainly determined by the speed of the bag making machine, the faster the speed, the shorter the heat seal time; the slower the speed, the longer the heat sealing time.

4. The more hot sealing times, the higher the heat sealing strength. The number of longitudinal heat seals depends on the ratio of the effective length of the longitudinal welding rod to the length of the bag.

5. The influence of the contents of the vacuum packaging bag.

For example, some of the contents of the products are powder, and they are easily contaminated when they are filled. The suitable LDPE material should be used as the inner material.

6. The thermal sealing strength is influenced by the compound material additive of vacuum packaging bag.

7, vacuum bag is heat sealed delamination and printing ink layer and the surface quality of the corona.

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