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Vacuum packaging bags can prolong the shelf life of instant food

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Vacuum packaging bags can extend the shelf life of instant foods, but we must strictly control the following aspects:
1. Pay attention to the environmental hygiene in the processing workshop and cleaning and regular disinfection.
2. Improve the two sterilization time and boiling water temperature after vacuum packaging.
3. Try to avoid reducing the turnover time as much as possible.
4. To avoid the packaging process temperature that is more than 86-108℉, made it quickly after cooling, two times after sterilization to rapid cooling.
5. Increase the use of preservatives or replace other preservatives.
6. First adding preservatives and vacuum packaging, preservatives should not be placed outside the vacuum bags, and should be integrated with products.
7. To do destructive tests: the finished product is in the 98.6 ℉ environment. If there is no corruption for 72 hours, the shelf life of your product will be about 30 days; If there is no corruption for 168 hours, your product quality is 3 months; If there is no corruption for a month, the quality of the product is half a year.

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