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Vacuum packaging

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Vacuum packaging is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. The main function of the vacuum packaging bag is to block oxygen and protect the application. The vacuum packaging bag uses a vacuum machine to remove the oxygen in the packaging bag and the food cells, so that the microorganisms lose the process of "anaerobic environment", reducing the loss of vitamins A and C, thereby preventing oxidation and deterioration of the food.

The vacuum packaging bag is usually made of a double-layer plastic film composite or a three-layer aluminum-plastic film composite material structure. Vacuum packaging machines are commonly used in vacuum chamber machine and vacuum sealers.

Vacuum inflatable packaging bag is also one of the vacuum packaging bags. After vacuuming, it is filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases (Nitrogen is used as an inert gas to fill the inner packaging. Its function is to maintain a positive pressure inside the bag. Prevent the air outside the bag from entering the bag; the role of carbon dioxide is to inhibit mold and spoilage bacteria) .This type of packaging is widely used in: crispy and fragile foods, easily deformed fried foods, sharp edges or high hardness foods that pierce the bags, and the like.