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Different vacuum for sous vide sealer bag

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I am Alice,

When you choose sous vide cooking, vacuum is a nessary part of it. 
Theoretically, air presence in the packaging for sous vide food will decrease heat transfer fates and retard heating, and the left oxyen will case the grown of the bacteria, which shelf time will be shorten. In fact, if over vacuum, the flavor and the shape of sous vide food will not so good.


The flavor. “Every protein needs a different vacuum, Plus, if it’s bone-in, it needs a different vacuum.——Tom Schurig”. It’s better to not vacuum to much for bone. For bone will be more tasty when combined with oxygen. What’s more, it’s easily pierce the bag.
The shape. Some food is very soft, over vacuum will compress the food into food cake. “Salmon is a relatively delicate fish, and when you vacuum seal the bag it’s possible to compress the flesh. You’ll end up with fish cakes and not the delicious, delicate flaky fish you were hoping to enjoy.——Dale Prentice”.
Vacuum is a skill work of sous vide cooking.