News Center 07-08-2019

Why we encourage the mono material packaging?

Let's start it with a picture......




Picture 1: Garbage classification

plastic recyclable

general waste



The picture shows that the plastic can be thrown into trash cans that are recyclable or non-recyclable. Actually, when the plastic is made of a mono material, it is recyclable garbage; when the plastic is made of a different or unknown materials, it is non-recyclable garbage.




Picture 2: Mono material plastic packaging

PE/PE mono material packaging




Picture 3: Multiply material packaging

multiply material packaging

Multiply layers multiply materials laminated packaging is unrecyclable. Since it is difficult and expensive to separate materials for recycling, and few recycling programs will accept mixed-material packaging.

Garbage pollutes the earth. In order to protect the earth, we need to classify waste and reduce landfill waste. Recycling plastics can effectively reduce landfill waste, which is why we encourage the use of mono material plastic packaging.